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  • Holistic Counseling for Women Running on Empty

    Support to keep your cup full while pouring into others

    You deserve to be well. You are WORTH it! 

    Welcome! I am so glad you found your way here.

    Women have a lot on their plate these days. I am here to support you.

    Do you feel like: 

    •  You are working hard to hold it all together but feel constantly overwhelmed?
    • You are always putting other’s needs before  your own?
    • You are more irritable with your children and partner? 
    • You are having trouble controlling your anxious thoughts and your normal coping strategies are not cutting in anymore? 
    • You wish there was a reset button to help you feel calm and able to cope with stress?


    Do you want to: 

    • Get a better hold of your anxiety and learn ways to feel more calm and centered? 
    • Find more peace and presence?
    • Be more patient and present for your family? 
    • Reconnect with yourself and your needs?
    • Live a more connected and  authentic life?


    You are NOT alone in this struggle and your deserve to be feel good. You have a deep well of power, wisdom, and resilience within you.

    Let’s dive in.