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    Counseling for Pregnancy, Postpartum and Birth Trauma

    Becoming a parent is one of the most joyful and most challenging role we will experience. Sometimes we need the support of a professional to navigate this monumental shift that impacts every aspect of our lives.  I have extensive education and training in perinatal mood disorders understand that hormone changes, personal and family history, and social support are all vital factors in understanding and alleviating postpartum symptoms. 

    Sometimes, families do not experience the birth they hoped for and can birth can even be a traumatic experience. Working through the trauma and grief can help families heal and move forward. 

    You are NOT alone and you will get through this with support. 

    Counseling for Trauma

    Research shows that 5 out of 10 women experience trauma in their lifetime with a higher incidence than men. The impact of trauma can have lasting effects.  I feel passionately about helping women to learn to integrate and heal trauma so they can live more authentic, empowered,  and embodied lives.

    Counseling for Helping Professionals

    You are a therapist, educator, health care professional, or a parent. You are a steward for other’s mental, physical, and emotional landscape whether it is for your family, your patients, or students. This is familiar territory for because you have always cared for others. But it can get heavy and overwhelming. You may feel compassion fatigue or even close to burnout. You struggle to find the time to care for yourself with all the other demands and needs of others. But you know that to give to others, you have to fill your cup. You deserve to receive the care and support you so readily give  others. You deserve to take up space. Let’s get started.